Monday, November 11, 2013

Trail Destinations

As a child I was never athletic or into playing sports.  The only time I ever played a sport was volleyball in tenth grade for a gym credit.  For a while as a child I used to go hiking, camping and fishing.  I don't like fishing but don't mind camping and like being around nature.  I love the country because it's peaceful and it's as polluted compared to city life.  You can actually see the stars in the country compared to city life.

I live in Ohio and discovered a neat trail called the Buckeye Trail. It's 1,444 miles and circles OH. According to the Buckeye Trail website it is the longest circular trail in the USA and is a hike to get to know Ohio's history.  The only trail I ever heard of in my adult life was the Appalachian Trail.  I have in the past few months looked up hiking/backpacking gear on LL Bean.

So far I have three trails that I want to try out.  I want to do the Buckeye Trail which is 1,444 miles.  This trail circles OH as I said before.  In fact I live near one section of the Buckeye Trail.  If the stupid coyotes weren't back in force where I live I would consider beginning to walk to get my body in shape for when I hope to do the Buckeye Trail. I also want to do a trail in New Zealand called the Te Araroa Trail which is 3,000 KM or in miles is 1,864 miles.  I have never heard of the Te Araroa Trail until today.

I have no idea where my fear of heights comes from. I don't remember any significant detail in my twenty-six years of life that caused me to be afraid of heights.  I'm not even sure if it is the height itself or the fear of falling and killing myself that concerns me. I rarely fly either but I like the landing and once I'm up in the air I'm fine.  It's the taking off part I don't like and I swear whenever I get ready to fly I have the bad luck of seeing airplanes being shot out of the air or blowing up on takeoff (thanks stupid Final Destination and the other airplane movie I saw where a fighter jet blew a  hole in the side of a commercial air liner).  Does a fear of flying relate to being afraid of heights I wonder?  I figure if I can hike the Buckeye Trail I can do the Te Araroa Trail.

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